Our first marital coffee maker was upgraded, one died, one was sold on Craigslist and one was returned within 3 days of purchase. Number five was a $12 Mr. Coffee that I bought solely to make a whole pot during playgroup and when I sold the Keurig became our main machine (no features not even auto shut off.) 

Coffee maker #6 is a Breville YouBrew. It has the features I wanted most: burr grinder (more even grinds), timer, thermal carafe. It also has a single cup feature using beans.  So you can brew 1-12 cups.  

There's a sealed hopper up top that holds 1/2 lb of beans. And a clever door that closes during the brew cycle to keep steam from entering the grinding mechanism which was our major complaint with the Cuisinart. The remaining coffee would then stick to the walls and not come off easily. This unit has a brush that snaps into the top to help you keep it clean. 

 You can fill it with up to 12 cups of water and it only uses what you ask it to so you don't have to fill it every time. It came with a gold tone reusable filter but I've never been a fan of the sediment in my cup so I've been using paper.  You can set the coffee strength (quantity of grounds) and flavor (steep time) and so far it's producing a consistently good cup of coffee. Even using the blackened French roast beans that I forgot we don't like it's not a bit bitter. 

It preheats the water as the beans are being ground but still recommends you preheat the thermal carafe with hot tap water and this is impossible when I'm still asleep and the timer goes off. But even after adding cream my coffee is hot enough. 

It's easy to clean and reminds you to remove the used filter. 

It is made of BPA free plastic and stainless steel. It barely fits under our cabinet it's so big.  There is a piece of plastic that pops out on the bottom to accommodate a travel mug. 

Cons: it sounds like a jet engine taking off when it grinds and at $249 really hurts the pocketbook. It will take almost two years to make that up with the savings we are enjoying from using Sam's Club beans vs K cups.  You can't see how much coffee is left in the thermal carafe but you can save $20 by getting the glass carafe version and it does have the under pot heater.  It doesn't have a water filter but that isn't a problem for us because our fridge  which filters is right next door. Honey I hid a pitcher behind this behemoth to aid in filling. 

I've been using the single cup feature while I wait for Allan to return from Denmark and try it out. Stay tuned for his review. I considered saving it you give to him for Father's Day but realized this is mostly for me so Happy Anniversay, honey!
Beth c'mon over and try it out!


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