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My Hero

Look who came to change my tire after work!

Okay, Okay

My sister arrived on Thursday.  On Friday we went shopping in West Hartford and had lunch at Noodles & Company.

We went to Boston on Saturday and grabbed a snack at a French bakery on Newbury Street (my first macaron!) and went up to the observation deck of the Prudential Center followed by lunch at Legal Seafoods. We rode the T to the Museum of Science and went on the duck tour.  After that we walked to Faneuil Hall and had a drink at Frost Ice bar.  Everything except the floor and ceiling is made of ice.  They give you parkas to wear.  The drinks come in ice glasses.  It was very cool no pun intended.  We walked through the North End and got my brother in law a T shirt from the fire station there and had cannoli from Mike's Pastry.  And we went to Regina Pizza and had my dad's favorite pizza and laughed when I described the sounds he made and the sweat that ran off his forehead when he ate it.  On the way home we detoured to the outlets.

On Monday we went to Hammonnaset…


On the way home from Boston
Allison: "They're open until nine!"Me: "We are not staying two hours."Allison: "How do you know?Me: "Because I'm driving!"


My dog thinks Allison is so great she's waiting for her to come down even though I am downstairs. I used to be #1.

New England Checklist

My sister is coming to visit for a few days. She hasn't been anywhere near New England since the 80's when she went to New Jersey with our aunt.  She must:1. Hear a true Boston accent, hopefully with the word 'car' 2. Eat at Dunkin Donuts 3. Go on a Boston Duck tour 4. Get a Red Sox shirt from Yawkey Way (we are visiting on an away day so we can't catch a game) 5.  Eat at Legal Seafood  6. Enjoy a cannoli from Mike's Pastry 7. Take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or Long Island Sound if you want to get specific.  8. Hear someone describe something as wicked, preferably wicked awesome.  9.  Order a tonic or a frappe 10.  See the rotary in my town. 
Too bad I can't take her to work and have her hear someone ask for a clean Johnny.


Allan will not be pleased. 


My goal to run or walk a mile everyday from July 4th to Labor Day was nearly thwarted last night when, after 9:00 on my way home from work I remembered that I hadn't walked my mile yet.  So I trudged through the neighborhood and when my phone said 0.5 miles I turned around.  And then when I got to my front door and it only said .95 miles I said GOOD ENOUGH!

Football Hats

For my nephews. Outtake photo #2


Alex got his bike down from the hook and fixed the chain and filled his tires and is going to ride to his friend's house today. Yay, I'm kind of sick of driving him all over.

Dog Walkers

My buddies helped me walk the dogs yesterday.  I told them we were going a mile and they couldn't complain or they had to stay home.  We made two loops around the block and neither one wanted to stop after the first lap.

Four Places

Tonight a friend is taking Tom to vacation bible school family night.  And another friend is driving him from the church to he baseball field to Allan.  
And another friend/babysitter is meeting Allan at a different field and taking David to his game and then dropping him off to Allan who will be at Alex's All Stars district semifinals game.  
And I will be at work :(


The boys are having a good summer so far.  David and Tom just finished session 1 of swimming lessons.  Alex's baseball team is 4-1.  David's summer ball season started with a practice rain-out.  Allan and I are enjoying a three day weekend.

I just started a summer mileage streak.  Run or walk at least 1 mile between July 4th and Labor day.  My marathon training is going well.  I'm set for fourteen miles on Sunday.