New England Checklist

My sister is coming to visit for a few days. She hasn't been anywhere near New England since the 80's when she went to New Jersey with our aunt.  She must:
1. Hear a true Boston accent, hopefully with the word 'car'
2. Eat at Dunkin Donuts
3. Go on a Boston Duck tour
4. Get a Red Sox shirt from Yawkey Way (we are visiting on an away day so we can't catch a game)
5.  Eat at Legal Seafood 
6. Enjoy a cannoli from Mike's Pastry
7. Take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or Long Island Sound if you want to get specific. 
8. Hear someone describe something as wicked, preferably wicked awesome. 
9.  Order a tonic or a frappe
10.  See the rotary in my town. 

Too bad I can't take her to work and have her hear someone ask for a clean Johnny. 


MonkeeMommy said…
I'm so esscited for my bisit that I can hardly stand it!
Mom said…
What no Pizza Regina?

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