I just spent an hour modifying a document I use daily at work.  The computers at work are incredibly slow and you have to log in as a unique user each time and I can't seem to figure out how to save a document to my desktop so each time I need an admission packet I have to open my email, download two separate documents and replace "Mickey Mouse" with the patient's name and then print.  And as archaic as that is I used to have to photocopy a blank and write in the name at least 30 times.

So I combined the documents and reordered the pages at home and emailed it to my work address.  I can now download just one document and the best part is that the pages are in a good order.  Of the 50 pages I print:
10 are consents which were in a bad order with two pages buried in the middle
10 go to the CNA-I used to have to search for two additional pages to add in
10 get filed on the chart
and 20 I do with the last 10 being 'less important' so if I didn't get those done they can be done the next day and they were all out of order.

Now it's in oder and for the next 20 or so patients I will smile at my up front investment.  Even though I really struggled with mixing portrait and landscape pages in the same file. 


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