Saying No

I was telling Allan about my trip to a really cool yarn store with my mom.  She saw a shawl she liked made with expensive yarn using a technique I've not done and four different colors of yarn that you alternate.  I would like to make it for her but it's just not going to happen.  Allan said, "you're really good at saying no."  Uh, thanks? 

My neighbor asked me to watch her kids in the morning for less than an hour before school and put them on the bus. She said she'd pay me. I said no and only felt one slight twinge of guilt.  It would have been perfect before I went back to work but when the boys go back to school I will have an hour in the morning and 45 minutes after school with them and I don't need interlopers. 


MonkeeMommy said…
You can't properly yell at your kids with interlopers!

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