Breakfast & Lunch

Look what I found at Target!
After working until midnight on Tuesday night I must have been more tired than I thought yesterday morning because I packed Tom's lunch and put it in David's backpack.   David doesn't like peanut butter so he usually has hot lunch.  Tom tried hot lunch at the kindergarten preview and was unimpressed. And when he went in expecting chicken nuggets one time this year and they ran out and substituted something offensive he declared no more hot lunch (please!) so he refused to eat yesterday. He has money in his account. He's five.  I'm surprised they didn't make him take a tray.  Since David didn't touch the packed lunch Tom ate it on the way to pick Alex up from cross country.  


LBJ11 said…
I cannot believe how long it has been since I read your blog. Last I read, the dogs had eyebrows. So glad to have caught up - but this is the only comment I made. I'll try to be better.

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