I bought the boys new shoes for school a couple of weeks ago.  And when we got home I realized Tom's were a half size smaller than his current shoes.

So I took them back.  And stood waiting while the cashier took quite some time trying to figure out how to return and resell a pair that had participated in the buy one get one half promotion.

Then I noticed Costco had the exact same brand for $10 less.

Then school started and Tom wore the shoes once.  Then Bailey chewed the tongue out of one shoe.

I checked Sam's Club.  No Skechers.  So I went to Costco and realized they are closed on Labor Day.  Then I went today and of course, they have many pairs of girls Skechers but no boys.

So I went back to Famous Footwear and they are now out of his size.

So I paid $50 for a pair on the clearance rack.  And turned down the buy one get one half promotion because I'm tired of shoes.  Please leave these alone, Bailey I can't take anymore shoe shopping.


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