Allan loves acetone.  He has a big metal bottle of it that I'm pretty sure has been hand carried trhough more than one move.  He loves to recommend acetone and a wire brush for cleaning anything. Including stinky boys as a joke.  

Tom wanted to paint his pumpkin green. I had some paint that I used last year to make minion pumpkins so I mixed yellow and blue and let him paint the thing right on the front step.  I remember that paint cleaning up easily. Apparently the surface type is a huge factor.  

Allan told me the green drips on the step wouldn't come off easily or even at all. I assured him the hose would take care of it.  

Sigh. Figure 1 is after a serious hosing.  I had to resort to acetone and the wire brush. And worse I had to suffer through a major marital I'm right and you're wrong.  And I will have subtle green drips to remind me of it as long as we live in this house. 

Figure 1
Figure 2


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