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Gaptastic Cowl

I finished this last night. Hopefully I can knock out Gryffindor soon.


I forgot to make these.  Next year.




I lost one of my favorite earrings about two months ago. 
I got over it. 
And then on Wednesday night I opened a drawer at work on a floor I don't usually work on and grabbed a post it note and found my earring wrapped inside.  Someone must have found it and put it in the drawer and it sat waiting for me. I was elated!
And then I got home and couldn't find it's match. So I've lost two of my favorite earrings. Haha!


I was looking for a smallish leakproof bottle for Allan to take iced tea in his lunch. Most of the ones at Target were plastic (I want to pour hot tea in them and refrigerate and don't want to risk leaching chemicals into his tea) and the glass ones were too big to fit in a lunchbox.

I remembered seeing glass bottles of tea in the refrigerated section so I picked these up at Walgreens for $2 each including the first batch of tea.  It was good tea too. They work perfectly and I have a whole week of bottles that I paid less for than a single bottle on Amazon.  

Mens Room

Allan texted me this picture from his work bathroom.  He said I'd love it and I do. I want him to take it for me so I can hang it in the boys' bathroom. 


I've rekindled my love affair with Aldi.  I got all this for $122.65 and while I had to go to another store for fresh fruit, lunch meat, ricotta cheese and crystallized lemon this trip went a good way towards feeding my family for the week.  2 gallons milk 2 loaves bread Dozen eggs 8 large tortillas Pound bacon 2 lb shredded cheese 48 oz ice cream 4lb pinto beans 2 cartons organic chicken broth 2 uncle Bens rice 2 boxes flavor enhancer (concentrated broth, gravy season is coming) Lunchbox peaches 3 cans diced tomatoes 8 cans fruit Carton of OJ fresh cranberries 5 lb flour 2 boxes french toast sticks Jar of cashews Butternut squash 2 boxes cereal Aluminum foil White vinegar Swiss cake rolls  Lasagna noodles 2 lb butter Pork chops Lb italian sausage Fruit snacks Frozen chicken strips Large jar salsa Tortilla chips Potato chips Peanut butter cups 2 bags chocolate chips Cheese & crackers Granola bars Tub of Greek yogurt And two paper bags :)

Gift Cardigan

It holds a gift card! Pattern from Of course I had to do my fourteen row stripe on the Gryffindor scarf first. It's coming along. 


I've been packing Allan a lunch because his new cafeteria is outrageously expensive. He had a salad, chips and an iced tea and it came to over $14! He is also feeling fat so today I packed him a salad with grilled chicken, vegetable soup with quinoa, a fruit smoothie and a rice pudding treat. 
My mom will be pleased.  I texted her a picture of some mini baguettes I got at Costco and it was like I had subscribed to lunch packing hints from Heloise.  She kept sending me tips even when I insisted that I'm not out to win a lunch packing award, just to save a few bucks. 

David loves salami and last night I brought a tray of Costco appetizers to work-pepperoni, prosciutto and hard salami wrapped fresh mozzarella. So David is bringing the salami ones with his school lunch. I wonder what the other kids will say!


David got a 95% on his latest spelling test because he misheard world and spelled whirl.  Correctly.  I think I would have to have given him credit. I guess that's why I'm not a teacher!


Allan turned 45 on Sunday.  After Sunday  school, worship and a congregational meeting with lunch we got home around 3.  We had a quick dinner out and cake then he did his counting until the evening.  
He has a lot to learn at his new job and this fall has been stressful so I feel bad that he didn't have a special day. 
So I made him chicken and crackers for dinner last night. Hopefully we can get a chance to do something together this weekend. 

Gryffindor Scarf

I'm knitting a Gryffindor scarf for David for Christmas. The blue waste yarn is a provisional cast on that will be removed and the end closed up to prevent that curl and you won't even notice when it's done that it is a tube.  I have my work cut out for me as these scarves are supposed to be long!

I finished up these team slipper socks for Alex and Tom so they will have knitted gifts too. 


Someone got tired of waiting for lunch and made it himself. 


Our penis mushrooms look a little limp.  


So the person who is listed in the Marine Corps results above me even though we're the same age and ended up with the same time somehow managed to not have her time chip record when she crossed the 20K (12.4 miles) and half (13.1) miles and look at that nice out and back portion with race course running right through.  Coincidence?  I realize that most runners that care how they placed in their age group would be too ashamed of a 6 hour marathon time to bring it up but I at least want my name listed first in the official results unless she can prove she ran this portion.  There were some hilarious signs posted on this portion but other than that it was a windy, sucky section.

New Job



Alex Just realized I didn't post these.  David and his teacher and classmates.  She had them on ribbon leashes! Tom and David: Alex made a plague doctor costume but couldn't go out because of the concussion:
Our friends came over to trick or treat:

Confirmation Snacks

Can you guess my theme?Birch Beer Utz potato chips Tasty Cakes

Only Men Go to Hardware Stores

I grew up thinking only men drink coffee and Allan grew up thinking only women drink coffee.  David and Tom observed today that only women knit and only men go to hardware stores.  Thankfully they know both men and women can drink coffee!