I've rekindled my love affair with Aldi.  I got all this for $122.65 and while I had to go to another store for fresh fruit, lunch meat, ricotta cheese and crystallized lemon this trip went a good way towards feeding my family for the week. 
2 gallons milk
2 loaves bread
Dozen eggs
8 large tortillas
Pound bacon
2 lb shredded cheese
48 oz ice cream
4lb pinto beans
2 cartons organic chicken broth
2 uncle Bens rice
2 boxes flavor enhancer (concentrated broth, gravy season is coming)
Lunchbox peaches
3 cans diced tomatoes
8 cans fruit
Carton of OJ
fresh cranberries
5 lb flour
2 boxes french toast sticks
Jar of cashews
Butternut squash
2 boxes cereal
Aluminum foil
White vinegar
Swiss cake rolls 
Lasagna noodles
2 lb butter
Pork chops
Lb italian sausage
Fruit snacks
Frozen chicken strips
Large jar salsa
Tortilla chips
Potato chips
Peanut butter cups
2 bags chocolate chips
Cheese & crackers
Granola bars
Tub of Greek yogurt
And two paper bags :)


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