I've been packing Allan a lunch because his new cafeteria is outrageously expensive. He had a salad, chips and an iced tea and it came to over $14! He is also feeling fat so today I packed him a salad with grilled chicken, vegetable soup with quinoa, a fruit smoothie and a rice pudding treat. 

My mom will be pleased.  I texted her a picture of some mini baguettes I got at Costco and it was like I had subscribed to lunch packing hints from Heloise.  She kept sending me tips even when I insisted that I'm not out to win a lunch packing award, just to save a few bucks. 

David loves salami and last night I brought a tray of Costco appetizers to work-pepperoni, prosciutto and hard salami wrapped fresh mozzarella. So David is bringing the salami ones with his school lunch. I wonder what the other kids will say!


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