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My 39th birthday started with a migraine. But I made it out of the fog and am looking forward to celebrating on the first when the whole family is off. They are talking about making me a cake.
I got some great gifts and plan to wear my new long sleeved tech shirt, jacket and compression socks while I carry the dual dog walking leash on a walk or run of at least 1 mile every day in Jan and enjoy a cold glass of Nuun electrolyte drink when I get back.

Cool Gift

One of my gifts was a USB outlet and today Allan installed it. I love it! 


Somehow Tom believes in Santa.  We always told the boys that Santa is not really real but people like to pretend he exists because it's fun. 


Tom crawled in bed with us on Saturday morning and looked up at me and said, "Mom...the noses on people...make people...look like pigs!"🐷🐽

Cash for Gold

Allan had the brilliant idea to trade in his never worn school ring and made $220 so I did the same and made $55. 

Malcolm & Raspberry Soda

Alex and I have a ritual. He comes home from school and makes us raspberry lime sodas and we watch Malcolm in the Middle.  We are on season two and bottle two of raspberry syrup.


The dogs and I found these on our 20 min walk. Blueberry, cherry, raspberry, lime, strawberry, vanilla, peach, red berry.  Yesterday it was wild berry and blueberry. Oh and the two 1.75 liters of Poland Spring vodka that I ditched in someone else's recycling bin that I later regretted. That could get someone in trouble.

Family Christmas Party

We are having our five member family Christmas party today and Tom made cookies for us to enjoy. 


Allan can't wait for Alex to outgrow these boots so he can hand them down. At the rate he's growing that will probably be in February.


I got up before six to take Alex to Lego League so I tried to catch a few Z's on the couch.  First Bailey joined me, then Tom, then David and Nugget got within licking distance on the floor.  Allan watched from his very own spacious love seat.

New Wallpaper

I woke up to find this on our computer background, courtesy of Alex.
He found it here.


When I worked every other weekend from the time I was in college until Alex was four I really appreciated weekends off. Then I started working every weekend and did that for four years.  Then I had four years off where weekends were actually harder because everyone was home and seemingly always hungry and or making a mess. 
For the past year I've had weekends off and I have a good sense of the typical american workweek while still only working part time. And my mood starts to lift on Thursday mornings and fall on Sunday evenings. 
On the other hand we are so busy we generally start talking planning and logistics for the weekend on Wednesday. Birthday party, parade, Lego league practice and state competition, Sunday school, church, confirmation and a 5K race. Wow!
Last weekend I finished the Gryffindor Scarf. Over 15,000 stitches!


My baby boy is six today. I took a deal to work 3-11 tonight in exchange for last night off so we celebrated then. He didn't mind opening his gifts early.
All the other pics are trapped in Allan's camera.


Bailey turned two today and this marks one year with our family.  We celebrated with a three mile run.