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Charging Station

Look what Alex made all by himself in Tech Ed!

Hump Day

It's hump day.  The weeks are flying by.  Every Thursday I think, wow I feel like the weekend just ended and here comes another one and every Sunday night I think, NOOOOO!

My mom left last week and I finished my second job yesterday.  I was covering the office phone for my friend who works for her aunt a psychiatric nurse practitioner.  I verified insurance and scheduled appointments and served as a buffer between the APRN and her sometimes a little off the wall patients.

Tom's collarbone continues to heal (we hope) he's in a figure eight brace that he wears like a backpack.  This is good because the sling was rarely in alignment.  He is signed up for soccer this Spring because he's decided he hates both baseball and basketball.

Alex's basketball regular season ended Friday.  They were 2-X  I'm not sure how many games they played but it felt like a lot.  They learned a lot and he had some real growth as a player.  A victory in my book.  Playoffs will begin s…

In Middle School

You don't have to walk in a line in the hallway...and you get lockers...and you can buy soda.
I can't wait for middle school!


Tom vacillates between wanting to be a construction worker or a Target worker when he grows up. Today he asked if you can be an imposter. I said I guess so and now he wants to be that. I'm thinking Catch Me if You Can type would be perfect for him.


My mom experienced the following drama while she was here for just over a week: -broken collarbone  -leaking roof -gout -attempted murder -suicide threat -$200 canine liver profile
Good thing none of them affected her. It was Tom, Dining room, my pinky toe, Bailey vs Nugget, Tom at school-off the cuff remark that was taken seriously of course but not anything to worry about, my wallet-now Nugget is on arthritis meds. She will need a day or two to soak up the quiet of her own house. I hope she comes back.

Remember the Alamo

My mom is a Coke drinker and when she visits I drink Diet Coke. But it makes my asshole inflamed so I can only have one per week. I had three last week. So dear family please remind me if I try to order one. Tell me 'remember the Alamo' and I will get something else.  Because remember your asshole wouldn't be polite.


The kids are off for President's day so we went bowling. Grandma beat Alex. 


Well we had a good run. Six years with no broken bones. Until David jumped on Tom last night and broke his collarbone.  Good thing he's a lefty.

Snow Day

Again. That's three Mondays in a row and they're off next Mon and Tues for President's  Day.

That Smell

There's a dog in our neighborhood that scares both of my dogs.  They literally cross the road when he's outside.  The owner of the dog is Alex's basketball coach and he asked Allan to bring the bag of balls and playbook to the game today so he dropped it off and it was sitting near the front door.  And Bailey was barking and avoiding it like the plague.  We put a dog biscuit on top of it and she wasn't going near it even for food.  It must smell like the bad dog.  Nugget sniffed it and happily ate the biscuit but Bailey wouldn't calm down until Allan put the bag in his car.  It amazes me how well developed their sense of smell is!


When I was in kindergarten I got an 'N' for needs improvement in finishing what has started. 
I've gotten a bit better. I finished school even though I wanted nothing more than to drop out and be a mommy. 
As a novice knitter my finishing skills are being honed.  Even though it's common to have more than one project on the needles at a time I won't allow myself to do it. Since Novemember I've finished socks, a shawl, boot cuffs and a baby sweater in the last few months and I have a scarf 98% done but had to leave for work yesteday. That scarf has been driving me crazy because it a super easy pattern with cheap acrylic yarn and I have the yarn for three fancy projects up in my stash but I persevered and today I can bind off and decide what's next!
I have dark green 100% merino yarn for a cabled Irish hiking scarf for Allan (and it's cold outside.) I haven't made him anything yet. 
There's a skein of very fancy posh super wash merino sock yarn in host…

High School

Alex had high school orientation this week. And I'm trying not to feel older than dirt.