When I was in kindergarten I got an 'N' for needs improvement in finishing what has started. 

I've gotten a bit better. I finished school even though I wanted nothing more than to drop out and be a mommy. 

As a novice knitter my finishing skills are being honed.  Even though it's common to have more than one project on the needles at a time I won't allow myself to do it. Since Novemember I've finished socks, a shawl, boot cuffs and a baby sweater in the last few months and I have a scarf 98% done but had to leave for work yesteday. That scarf has been driving me crazy because it a super easy pattern with cheap acrylic yarn and I have the yarn for three fancy projects up in my stash but I persevered and today I can bind off and decide what's next!

I have dark green 100% merino yarn for a cabled Irish hiking scarf for Allan (and it's cold outside.) I haven't made him anything yet. 

There's a skein of very fancy posh super wash merino sock yarn in hosta blue tag to have planned for a pattern called Hermione's everyday sock for myself and I haven't made myself socks yet and I bought this yarn ages ago when my
mom and I went to the yarn store in Northampton. 

I also have three! skeins gorgeous of hand painted slow color changing wool for a project for my sister. 

What to do?!


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