Hump Day

It's hump day.  The weeks are flying by.  Every Thursday I think, wow I feel like the weekend just ended and here comes another one and every Sunday night I think, NOOOOO!

My mom left last week and I finished my second job yesterday.  I was covering the office phone for my friend who works for her aunt a psychiatric nurse practitioner.  I verified insurance and scheduled appointments and served as a buffer between the APRN and her sometimes a little off the wall patients.

Tom's collarbone continues to heal (we hope) he's in a figure eight brace that he wears like a backpack.  This is good because the sling was rarely in alignment.  He is signed up for soccer this Spring because he's decided he hates both baseball and basketball.

Alex's basketball regular season ended Friday.  They were 2-X  I'm not sure how many games they played but it felt like a lot.  They learned a lot and he had some real growth as a player.  A victory in my book.  Playoffs will begin soon and as his coach says, everyone starts playoffs 0-0.

David's team was undefeated until the very last game.  They lost but had beaten the team before so they're tied for first.  His coach was taken out in an ambulance before this game and is okay but some of the boys including the coach's son were shaken up.  Playoffs are forthcoming.

And Alex made the Legion baseball team so he's already begun practicing with them.  I remember enjoying the week or two between seasons but it doesn't look like that happens as they age.  We had a celebratory end of regular season tuxedo cake on Saturday.  Yum!

Nugget and Bailey are getting along and Nugget is doing well on his arthritis medication.  He's moving much more and recently greeted Allan at the door after work which made us all happy.

I've lost count of the number of snow days we've had.  We had a two hour delay yesterday because it was so cold the buses weren't starting.  It was -9 when I woke up with wind chills over -20.  Our ceiling is dry at this point and I've finally quit instinctively shutting the cabinets below the sinks so the pipes don't freeze.  I remember spilling water in a kitchen drawer and trying to leave it open so it would dry but couldn't help myself from automatically shutting it when I went by.  I really hope once it warms up that I quickly relearn to shut those doors I hate it when things are out of place.


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