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I had a large and small cast iron skillet.  I scored the medium for $2 at our church tag sale this weekend. Yay!


I spent almost two hours shredding this morning. Fortunately it only needs to be done about every two years. 

Allan's Daffodils

I take back all complaining I did on December first when we had a zillion things to do and he spent a few hours planting bulbs. They're beautiful!

Starting Pitcher

Guess who's starting for the very first game tomorrow?
*edit 4/22 the game was rained out
This race bib was worth the price of admission! Especially since I got a deal and only paid $10 for the race last fall and I got socks too.

Good Deed

The boys rounded up all the loose change in the house and fed it to the coinstar machine.  Then they each picked non perishable food to donate to the food pantry. Alex got four boxes of cereal.  David got a bottle of tomato juice and a 28 oz can of green beans. Tom picked a jar of applesauce and a jar of peanut butter and I threw in two boxes of macaroni and cheese.  Then we dropped them in the bin! 

I Salute You


Why Not?

I'm going to try this today:

21 Freezer Meals from Aldi for $150

We've had some serious budget hits this month with the new water heater and the deductible on the van repair oh and the $16/day I agreed to pay for the extra insurance on the rental.  With two accidents in one week I didn't want to risk another grand on the deductible for that brand new van.

So I've cut from the grocery budget and we're halfway there and have spent $365/$580 so if I can get the rest of the month's dinners for $150 I will have a luxurious $65 to spend on breakfast, lunch and snacks. I guess the $2.97 I'm going to spend on the download will have to come from another source. :) I can't imagine having to do this day after day and not have a choice.  I just brought a bag of nonperishables to a food drive and plan to keep doing so.

Like New!

Note it was not I who parked in the handicapped space!


He's on the team!

Buzzer Beater

My nephew Gage at his basketball game. The score was tied and he made a three pointer  the buzzer! I wish I could have been there.  


My van is still not ready.  I'm sick of this rental.  The bluetooth is nice but when Allan uses it I have to reconnect and it's slow and annoying.  The hatch is manual.  The doors are slow to respond to the remote. It's white and filthy but I refuse to pay to wash a rental.

Alex made the first cut for his school's baseball team.  They take very few kids and he didn't make the team last year so fingers crossed that he makes it all the way.

David is working on his life timeline.  This blog has been useful!  His teacher told me that she loves that he loves reading and often has to tell him to put the book down so he can focus on her.  I find the same thing he is constantly reading.  I love it. Allan will be his baseball coach this season that is so much fun for both of them.

Tom has the most sight words of anyone in his class.  He's enjoying scouts and looking forward to playing soccer soon.  He's doing well as living room captain and recently spent some al…

C'mon, Dad

Allan has been driving Alex to school. If he leaves on time Alex isn't late and Allan makes the 7:20 bus. Win win. 
But Allan tends to delay getting ready until the last possible moment and Alex is more like me. So he's started nagging Allan. I think it's hilarious. And today Alex carried Allan's lunch box and laptop to the car to help out. 
I also have a helper when it's time to go to work. The boys get screen time at 4:30 which is when I leave so Tom is acutely aware of the clock and asks me a few times if I should be leaving soon.

Password Protect

I've been considering password protecting my blog and have always decided against it because I'm pretty sure only family reads anyway but I had the discussion with my boys and they would prefer a password attached to their entire potty training history and other mishaps.  I can't argue with that.

Tonight Allan is performing in our church passion play as...Judas Iscariot.  Ha.  Ha. Ha.  Someone has to be Judas!


I drove to the commuter lot with Allan's spare key and turned his car 180 degrees in the parking space and switched his garage door opener with mine.  
He didn't notice the flip and didn't really think anything of the garage door switch. So much for my hilarious April fool's prank! Next year I should move the car across the street.