My van is still not ready.  I'm sick of this rental.  The bluetooth is nice but when Allan uses it I have to reconnect and it's slow and annoying.  The hatch is manual.  The doors are slow to respond to the remote. It's white and filthy but I refuse to pay to wash a rental.

Alex made the first cut for his school's baseball team.  They take very few kids and he didn't make the team last year so fingers crossed that he makes it all the way.

David is working on his life timeline.  This blog has been useful!  His teacher told me that she loves that he loves reading and often has to tell him to put the book down so he can focus on her.  I find the same thing he is constantly reading.  I love it. Allan will be his baseball coach this season that is so much fun for both of them.

Tom has the most sight words of anyone in his class.  He's enjoying scouts and looking forward to playing soccer soon.  He's doing well as living room captain and recently spent some allowance.  He had to pay full price for a LEGO set for the first time in his short life.  Ouch!  They're expensive.

Allan has decided to not run for church council again when his term ends at the end of the month!  Yay! He puts a lot of time into that.

Speaking of church I put on an Easter egg hunt for the Sunday school kids on Palm Sunday.  But because our fire alarm was going off my boys missed it.  We have now figured out that the alarm went off because the water heater was leaking propane and the system has an explosive gas sensor.  I'm grateful, especially after hearing that a family of seven in Maine died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nugget seems to be doing better.  He enjoys his daily walk and still has the energy to fight with and mount Bailey.   I noticed Allan calling her Mrs. Bailey and I asked him who exactly she is married to and he said Nugget, of course.  I thought they were brother and sister!


LBJ11 said…
The new water heater was leaking?

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