Why Not?

I'm going to try this today:

21 Freezer Meals from Aldi for $150

We've had some serious budget hits this month with the new water heater and the deductible on the van repair oh and the $16/day I agreed to pay for the extra insurance on the rental.  With two accidents in one week I didn't want to risk another grand on the deductible for that brand new van.

So I've cut from the grocery budget and we're halfway there and have spent $365/$580 so if I can get the rest of the month's dinners for $150 I will have a luxurious $65 to spend on breakfast, lunch and snacks. I guess the $2.97 I'm going to spend on the download will have to come from another source. :) I can't imagine having to do this day after day and not have a choice.  I just brought a bag of nonperishables to a food drive and plan to keep doing so.  


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