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We celebrated early.


I love this father son moment. They're adding memory to Alex's laptop. 

Freshman Schedule

It seems a bit ambitious for Alex to take four year long honors classes. The yellow classes are half year. I'm trying to get him to consider switching to regular English and history so he can focus on his love of math and science but he's not so sure.

They Won!

The boys had fun.  I worked 3-11 on a quarantined unit (they had the GI bug in 20/50 residents) and I had 25 of them myself.  Two med passes that took me nearly three hours each and treatments and charting I ended up leaving at one am.  I did it to pay for new tires.  Next time I'll sell my car and walk everywhere.

If Found

Allan is taking the boys to the Red Sox game today. He received four tickets for Christmas. I'm a little nervous someone will get lost so I wrote his cell number on their bellies in Sharpie!


He fixed the gate! I just wish he had thought of this a year ago!

Gum Graft

On Wednesday I had a piece of gum excised from the roof of my mouth and sutured over a receded spot on my lower jaw. It was not as bad as I anticipated but I can only chew on one side of my mouth and I can't brush the affected teeth for two weeks! Thank God for these:



Alex's Science Project

I had a chuckle when I saw this on the computer this morning:

Proud Papa


Mother's Day

I had a great day!  I woke up to a Gatorade and granola bar on my nightstand.  It was 5:45 and I didn't want a more traditional breakfast in bed with only 15 minutes to get ready.  I opened my cards which included cash from the boys' own wallets.  It made me cry, especially when I learned that Tom had given me every dollar that he had and he's the one who has to cry over giving the church one of his 20 dollar monthly allowance.

I drove to Whately, MA for a half marathon.  It was at the Yankee Candle distribution center.  I could smell the candles like you can smell the store in the mall.  I started at the back of the pack, walked the first hill and was the last runner for at least 2 miles.  I saw the 3 mile marker and questioned whether to turn or go straight because I couldn't see anybody.  I went straight.  I hit four by my watch and saw no marker.  I knew I was off course but I was too stubborn to lose over a mile so I decided just to run to 6.55 by my watch and tu…

First Paycheck

I remember my first official paycheck from McDonald's.  I was sixteen. It was handwritten. Those were the days.  Here's to many more, Kiddo!

Cinco de Mayo

Happy CDM! I started my day with a free breakfast taco from Taco Bell and now I'm in line for a $5 burrito and fee Tshirt from Moe's. ¡Aye que bueno!

Opening Day

Alex's team won and David and Allan's team got their first win and Alex umped his first game earning $15 and a hot dog and soda. 


It's 7:38 am and Tom is driving a LEGO motorcycle down Bailey's nose and David is reading in the background. Typical morning at the Slotters.