Mother's Day

I had a great day!  I woke up to a Gatorade and granola bar on my nightstand.  It was 5:45 and I didn't want a more traditional breakfast in bed with only 15 minutes to get ready.  I opened my cards which included cash from the boys' own wallets.  It made me cry, especially when I learned that Tom had given me every dollar that he had and he's the one who has to cry over giving the church one of his 20 dollar monthly allowance.

I drove to Whately, MA for a half marathon.  It was at the Yankee Candle distribution center.  I could smell the candles like you can smell the store in the mall.  I started at the back of the pack, walked the first hill and was the last runner for at least 2 miles.  I saw the 3 mile marker and questioned whether to turn or go straight because I couldn't see anybody.  I went straight.  I hit four by my watch and saw no marker.  I knew I was off course but I was too stubborn to lose over a mile so I decided just to run to 6.55 by my watch and turn around.  It was hot, over 80 degrees.  Luckily I ran by an RV dealership that was open and it had a water cooler inside.  Once I got back to mile 10 I was back on what I thought was the right course but I didn't see any other runners.  I was planning to run between 2:45 and 3:00 which is definitely back of the pack but this race welcomed walkers with only a 30 minute head start so I should have seen someone.  Once I got about a mile from the start I realized that I was hitting the finish line backwards and about shorter than the start so I tried to run past it and then turn around hitting 13.1 which I miscalculated and hit at 12.9.  It was pretty funny.  I got some cold Powerade and a banana, walked it to 13.1 and stayed to cheer the 30 people that finished behind me.

It was my own fault because the final instructions email encouraged me to familiarize myself with the route but I've run over 40 races and have never had an intersection requiring a turn not either marked or staffed with a volunteer.  And I think the heat which we haven't had yet this season combined with real other runners could have hurt me.  I saw a runner from a group that I'm in lying on the ground with an ice pack on his neck post-race.  The fact that I was alone helped me keep my pace easy.  Maybe next year I will run the actual course!

I met the family at 5 Guys for lunch and then had a nice long nap.  It was perfect day and I hope to be able to make Father's day as special for Allan.


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