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Proverb a Day

I want to read a Proverb a day to my boys but in not here to put them to bed and I don't want to forget in the morning so I had the brilliant idea to get them where they are consistently and I am going to write the daily verse on the fridge. Because they're boys and they eat constantly! 

Goodbye Nugget

Nugget died this afternoon by euthanasia.   The vet said it was probably osteosarcoma. Very painful and this one seemed particularly aggressive. He was the best dog ever.



Boring Blog

Alex spent 5:30am Tuesday to 10:00pm Friday on his DC trip and came home in a zombie like state. He spent the weekend plus recovering in between three baseball games, confirmation class, church and selling stock certificates for his youth gathering trip.

David's season ended with an early loss.  He's learned so much and grown as a player.  He is counting down the days until the last day of school which is next Wednesday.

Tom's soccer season fizzled out with a rain cancellation on the makeup day.  Fortunately Allan had already taken some pictures.  He's very excited that his regular teacher came back this week after he maternity leave.  The substitute teacher is in her first year of teaching and according to Tom she's nice but gets mean really quickly.

We are all looking forward to family visiting for Alex's confirmation.  We have some really spectacular restaurants in the area but doofus chose Buffalo Wild Wings for his celebration dinner.  Oh well, I…


Alex is in Washington DC with his eighth grade class. We miss him so much. Allan sent him a picture of David and Tom wearing Alex's clothes, holding his trophies and jumping on his bed. I can't stop laughing about it.