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Alex spent 5:30am Tuesday to 10:00pm Friday on his DC trip and came home in a zombie like state. He spent the weekend plus recovering in between three baseball games, confirmation class, church and selling stock certificates for his youth gathering trip.

David's season ended with an early loss.  He's learned so much and grown as a player.  He is counting down the days until the last day of school which is next Wednesday.

Tom's soccer season fizzled out with a rain cancellation on the makeup day.  Fortunately Allan had already taken some pictures.  He's very excited that his regular teacher came back this week after he maternity leave.  The substitute teacher is in her first year of teaching and according to Tom she's nice but gets mean really quickly.

We are all looking forward to family visiting for Alex's confirmation.  We have some really spectacular restaurants in the area but doofus chose Buffalo Wild Wings for his celebration dinner.  Oh well, I did say he could pick any restaurant.  I guess it could be worse.  We could be going to McDonalds.

Allan is busy as usual but handing off his church job to the next victim volunteer.  Soon life will be more manageable and he will only have one baseball team to worry about.  His leg was bothering him and switching his medications helped a lot, so much that he went for a run on Sunday morning.

I just started an 18 week marathon training plan.  I had three fast miles buried in a six mile run and was so pleased that I accomplished it but then was derailed by a migraine and had to call in sick for work.  Then when the pain and vomiting were gone I felt guilty for calling out.  And annoyed because I know it's crazy to feel guilty.  Today is a new day and I have a shit ton of cleaning around here to do.

Nugget is on a rapid decline.  His tumor is bigger than ever and I think I feel another one.  He sleeps most of the day but still enjoys a short walk, still enjoys treats, eats most of his meals and wags his tail for attention.  I have the canine quality of life assessment tool handy and we are prepared to put him down when he seems to be suffering too much.  Poor baby.


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Not boring at all!!!

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