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Hit #3

Last Friday I was taking Alex to math camp with all three kids in the car when we were rear ended at a stop sign. There were a couple of minor scratches and a trip to the body shop confirmed no other damage. I'm hoping this third accident rounds out the bad luck comes in threes and I can go another 20 years accident free!

Bachelor Pad

The boys spent an afternoon unrolling rugs and dragging Legos downstairs to create a bachelor pad. They're scheming to buy a TV to have down there too. It sure is quiet upstairs when they're in hiding! 

Then and Now


#1 Dad

He truly is.

Scaredy Dog

When Nugget was alive I didn't have the heart to take Bailey running and leave him at home. I recently started running with her and she's already up to four miles. Today we ran by the farm and she is so afraid of those cows! Nugget was interested in them and they in him so they would approach the fence. When I am alone they don't give me a second glance. They started coming closer to Bailey and she was practically in the middle of the street with her tail between her legs. I will have to go the other way when I have her with me.  

Big Step

How to do laundry Congratulations on reaching the next step toward independent living.The machines are yours from 5-9pm every day.Don’t leave wet clothes in the washer for more than 8 hours or they will stink and require rewashing.If you have clothes left in the dryer I will kindly put them in a basket and leave them on the floor of the laundry room note that future roommates/Laundromat users may not be so kind. Consider washing your sheets on a regular basis.Get used to assessing your clean clothes supply as you get dressed so you won’t run out of options.
1.Sort clothes by color don’t mix lights and darks.If you have less than a full load of red/purple wash them with darks not whites. 2.Don’t overfill the basket the clothes should have room to move around in the washer. 3.Reach behind the washer and turn the water valve on.Add clothes to washer and shut the door tight.Press ‘my cycle’ for all loads except whites.Add enough detergent to the pull out drawer for a small load (we have sof…

Alex is Back!

We are all so grateful to have our Alex back.  None more vocally than Mrs. Bailey.  She cried and cried when he came home and once again when he came downstairs.  It was as though she didn't believe he was back for good until she saw him.  I've heard a few bits and pieces about his trip.  When I asked him if he wants to go to Houston in three years he said, "definitely!"

Problem Solvers

Tom gave Bailey a special treat and then was bugging her while she tried to eat it.  I told him to leave her alone because she thinks you are going to take her bone back.  She was lying in the living room entry and he wanted to pass.  He tucked his arms into his shirt and walked by saying, "If she thinks I don't have arms she won't worry that I will take her treat."

David took out a small bathroom trash can and accidentally threw the whole thing into the large outdoor trash barrel.  His solution when I told him to figure out what to do was to dump the whole thing over.  Good thing he told me of his plan before he attempted it.  Now they are wanting to take kitchen chairs outside to solve this one.  I'm going to let them figure it out seventies parent style.

Youth Gathering

Alex is in Detroit with a group of three other teens and two adults from our church attending the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering.  There are 30,000 attendees!  I am so excited for him because I went to the 1994 Gathering in Atlanta, GA and it was a very memorable experience.

You can check out pictures on our group's blog:

July 10

Tom has been waiting for the July 10 Minions movie premiere for months. We are all sick of hearing about it. 
Allan took him last night and they had a special father/son evening. He loved the movie and Allan even bought him candy. 
Unfortunately he memorized the premiere date for his next obsession.  Peanuts the movie arrives November 6th. And we get to hear about it for almost four months!

Sandy Beach

Ahhhh.... I'm pretty relaxed.