Big Step

How to do laundry
Congratulations on reaching the next step toward independent living.  The machines are yours from 5-9pm every day.  Don’t leave wet clothes in the washer for more than 8 hours or they will stink and require rewashing.  If you have clothes left in the dryer I will kindly put them in a basket and leave them on the floor of the laundry room note that future roommates/Laundromat users may not be so kind.  Consider washing your sheets on a regular basis.  Get used to assessing your clean clothes supply as you get dressed so you won’t run out of options.

1.    Sort clothes by color don’t mix lights and darks.  If you have less than a full load of red/purple wash them with darks not whites. 
2.    Don’t overfill the basket the clothes should have room to move around in the washer.
3.    Reach behind the washer and turn the water valve on.  Add clothes to washer and shut the door tight.  Press ‘my cycle’ for all loads except whites.  Add enough detergent to the pull out drawer for a small load (we have soft water and only need the ‘small’ amount even for full loads.  For whites turn the dial to whites.  I wash all sheets and towels on the whites setting because it uses hot water.
4.    Press start.  Return after about an hour and move the clothes to the dryer.  Reach back and turn the water valve off unless you are going to immediately do another load.  Leave the door to the washer open!
5.    Clean the dryer lint filter.  Add a full or half dryer sheet if you like they scent your clothes and prevent static.  There’s a scissors next to the box if you only want to use half-the scent of a full sheet might be too much if your girlfriend is going to snuggle up to you.

6.    Press ‘my cycle’ and start on the dryer.  Return in about an hour and immediately fold the clothes to minimize wrinkles and put them away. 


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