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Look at the sympathy card our niece made for Nugget. So cute! He has a halo. 


Last night Allan and I were watching a comedian on Netflix and he made a joke about how you buy a head of lettuce can you buy a dick of cucumber or a testicle of kiwi or an asshole of fig. Then I read the bible story about Jesus cursing the fig tree and then the new Judy Blume book and one of the characters didn't give two figs about something.  Within an hour that was three fig references!  I must go buy some figs.

High School

Alex had high school orientation this morning.  And I thought sending him to kindergarten was hard! I cried a little.  I also made him drop honors English and take regular English.  He has honors science, math and robotics as it is and hopefully he'll play baseball and basketball.  He didn't want to go to the office and do the necessary steps to drop the class but I made him take care of it on his own.  That was even harder than doing it for him but we both survived and now he knows he can fend for himself.

Cough Cough

Bailey survived the kennel but she came home with a bit of a cough. I can't help but laugh when she sneezes and coughs she's so cute. We all missed her. Even Allan! 








I won a pair of Skechers running shoes by commenting on a Facebook post for the Hartford marathon! Too bad I'm too superstitious you switch from my Saucony Rides. I asked for a men's 12 so there are two people in my family I can pass them to.


We are having a wonderful time! The anniversary party was a success and we've enjoyed spending time and making memories with family and friends in this beautiful place.



To Do

I have to run 13 miles, pack for vacation, pick up groceries and work with three admissions tonight. 
Yesterday was David's birthday. He had a great day with doughnuts for breakfast, Five Guys for lunch, chocolate Snoopy ice cream cake and a baseball game with a big hit. He received many great gifts including several Lego sets, his own PS4 controller and lots of cash to spend in Ocean City. With one rule: no hermit crabs!!!
I had meals on wheels training. I did a ride along with a lovely lady who was bumped off her favorite route because one of the clients was getting fresh and inviting her in for coffee, asking for hugs, etc. I am going to serve as a substitute for the route but Mr. Fresh doesn't scare me he's 5'7" tall and frail. I politely declined his offer for coffee! 

Allan is busy today too he is training someone to do the church counting after work and packing the car tonight. Alex mowed the lawn this week so he didn't have to worry about that. 
We'll …

That's Me



David is playing really well this season. He's getting hits at every game and yesterday Allan said he pitched a scoreless sixth inning to keep them in the game. His last game is on his birthday tomorrow. I wish I could see him play but I have to work. Or wait, cough, cough, am I getting sick????

Busy Summer

We are busy this summer. I'm running 40 miles per week, David is still playing summer baseball and Allan is still doing the counting for our church. He's also job hunting again (in his nonexistent spare time.)
I have a mile long list of thins to do before we go on vacation but it'll all be worth it!  We all need a break.