To Do

I have to run 13 miles, pack for vacation, pick up groceries and work with three admissions tonight. 

Yesterday was David's birthday. He had a great day with doughnuts for breakfast, Five Guys for lunch, chocolate Snoopy ice cream cake and a baseball game with a big hit. He received many great gifts including several Lego sets, his own PS4 controller and lots of cash to spend in Ocean City. With one rule: no hermit crabs!!!

I had meals on wheels training. I did a ride along with a lovely lady who was bumped off her favorite route because one of the clients was getting fresh and inviting her in for coffee, asking for hugs, etc. I am going to serve as a substitute for the route but Mr. Fresh doesn't scare me he's 5'7" tall and frail. I politely declined his offer for coffee! 

Allan is busy today too he is training someone to do the church counting after work and packing the car tonight. Alex mowed the lawn this week so he didn't have to worry about that. 

We'll drop Bailey off at the kennel on our way out of town tomorrow. I remember leaving Nugger there one time. Allan brought him in and came back to the car and sheepishly hung his head and said he had agreed to the extra playtime. I think it's an extra $5/day and I told him they either give all the dogs extra playtime or none at all they just charge the suckers extra. I can guarantee Bailey will not get any extras Allan just doesn't love her as much as he loves Nugget. At $28 a day for routine boarding we are happy to have just one this time. 

We can't wait to spend a week on the beach with frequent Manco & Manco pizza breaks. 


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