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Bailey just caught a fly that I've been chasing all day. The best part is that she eats them so there's no cleanup.  She's the second best in this family. Allan is an amazing fly getter.

New Phone

Jameson got a new phone. 


Tonight is the first high school dance and Alex has a date. Be still my heart.

Four Town Fair

We did our part and manned all three gates for two hours on Sunday. Tom stamped himself at least half a dozen times.


Here are the standardized testing results for Alex and David. Top line is individual, middle is school and bottom is district result. I hope they both do as well on the ACT/SAT. David first then Alex. This was David's first year and as I recall Alex improved each time he took the test. 


I'm so happy. Our vacuum cleaner bit the dust and I was all ready to buy a new one because I couldn't find the warranty papers and I was pretty sure the extended warranty had expired. So I checked Consumer Reports and picked out a new one and had it in my virtual cart when Sears asked if I wanted the extended warranty.  I clicked on the details trying to decide and it had a phone number. So I called and it turned out our old vacuum is covered until 2018 which is good because here's what they found in it: A sock and enough hair to start a whole new dog! 

Don't Take My Picture

Alex's classmate died in a water tubing accident this weekend. We are all so sad. Today he put on a plaid flannel shirt in her memory but wouldn't let me take a picture. Rest in peace, Jordyn.



One, Two, Three

Boys playing baseball this fall.