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Flashback Freshman

It's spirit week at the high school and today each class is assigned a dress up theme. For flashback freshman Alex and his friend are going as 1920's gangsters. 


Alex has a bag of guts in the refrigerator to add to his pumpkin so it looks like it is vomiting on Halloween. I'm tempted to add a fun sized Snickers bar.


Alex had a game on Saturday morning in Massachusetts with a show time of 7:45am.  David had one that turned out to be his last of the season in Enfield at 8:45, Tom's final instructional practice/game here in Ellington at 11:30 and then I went to work 3-11:30 and Allan had all three at Alex's afternoon game back in Mass at 2:45.  And Sunday Alex had a final game at 7:45 and with that loss the season was over.  Next weekend we are holing up in the living room and only coming out to trick or treat.


He's accepted the job, the higher salary, the singing bonus and the better commute. He will tell his current boss after the bosses vacation on November 9th. Personally I'm hoping Allan gets sent home to spend the rest of his birthday as he chooses. If that happens he can start earlier. 
Baseball is wrapping up. Dave played his last game today in 35 degree weather. Tom is done this afternoon. Alex is still alive in playoffs with a second game today.

New Job (Again)

Since my blog is now private I can share news that's not official yet.  Allan was offered a job at Mass Mutual.  He is probably going to take it.  It's more money and a better position and it's in Springfield MA which would mean a much better commute.  Yay, Allan!

Pretty Typical

David, Alex, Tom's bank accounts:
Alex usually has more money but he recently built a computer. Thomas and David get $20 each on the first of the month for keeping the living room clean and feeding the dog respectively. Alex gets $100 for babysitting whenever we need him which lately has only been about five hours per week.  
David brought $25 to the book fair at school this week and Thomas bought $20 and Alex spent $30 on dinner and a movie this weekend. Hopefully they are learning to manage their money so they don't have to live in our basement as adults.

Chili Cook Off

I'm hosting a chili cook off at our church on Sunday. Here are the first and second place prizes, participant awards, sampling cups (mini 2 oz solo cups) and voting stickers. I'm going to make a poster and have each person stick their sticker next to their favorite chili number. It should be fun! 


I was on pace through mile 20 and then I couldn't hold it together. I finished in 5:14:46. I am disappointed because I trained so hard but I can't be too upset because I'd rather try and fail than not try at all.


Well tomorrow is the marathon I'be been training for since the second week in June. I've put 611 miles into this puppy. My goal is less than five hours.  My second goal is to beat my previous time on their course 5:17:08. My third goal is to finish. Now to attempt sleep.


Tom has been getting his name on the board at school for talking and distracting his classmates.  Sigh.

Meals on Wheels

Well after being rejected as a MoW volunteer for an unknown reason they realized it was a mistake so I'm the Friday Ellington deliverer. It's a pretty easy route and I don't mind doing it. The food looks gross though.


We've been on a planned monthly budget since April 1st.  That's six full months of planning and tracking every dollar.  We used the free Every Dollar app and we both have access to it on our phones.  It takes a lot of tweaking but as the months progressed we got better at it.  It feels great to be in control and I can tell you in the month of May we spent $103.61 on eating out and in September we spent $263.51 on gas and as a numbers nerd that is really cool to know.

Here are some bumps we ran into along the way:
new tires for the van
new hydraulic engine lift for the van $$$
putting a dog to sleep
escrow shortage
vacation $$$
security system malfunction/repair
trip to DC, trip to Michigan for Alex
confirmation expenses
running out of flexible spending money for medical expenses

I realized that these bumps are just part of life and I now know you can't use a template budget you have to plan each month separately.  We planned for and cash flowed most of the expenses and a…