He's accepted the job, the higher salary, the singing bonus and the better commute. He will tell his current boss after the bosses vacation on November 9th. Personally I'm hoping Allan gets sent home to spend the rest of his birthday as he chooses. If that happens he can start earlier. 

Baseball is wrapping up. Dave played his last game today in 35 degree weather. Tom is done this afternoon. Alex is still alive in playoffs with a second game today. 


Mom said…
I didn't know Allan could sing!
Grandpa said…
I've heard of singing for your supper, but not in an insurance company.
But seriously folks, congratulations on your new job. Hope it's all you want.
LBJ11 said…
Well, all the Krauss' are quite musical, so I'm not surprised. Congratulations! Hope it is a great fit for you!

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