We've been on a planned monthly budget since April 1st.  That's six full months of planning and tracking every dollar.  We used the free Every Dollar app and we both have access to it on our phones.  It takes a lot of tweaking but as the months progressed we got better at it.  It feels great to be in control and I can tell you in the month of May we spent $103.61 on eating out and in September we spent $263.51 on gas and as a numbers nerd that is really cool to know.

Here are some bumps we ran into along the way:
new tires for the van
new hydraulic engine lift for the van $$$
putting a dog to sleep
escrow shortage
vacation $$$
security system malfunction/repair
trip to DC, trip to Michigan for Alex
confirmation expenses
running out of flexible spending money for medical expenses

I realized that these bumps are just part of life and I now know you can't use a template budget you have to plan each month separately.  We planned for and cash flowed most of the expenses and adjusted our savings as the unexpected things came along.  I'm proud of both of us!


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