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Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend filled with family and friends and food and I'm going to try my best to savor every last minute of today.

Allan starts his new job tomorrow!

Wishing you a blessed Advent.


This is me protesting the laying off of two nurses, 6 CNAs and the reduction in hours of several others by my employer all while giving millions in bonuses and deferred comp to the top ten executives.  I took the badge band off before I went in for fear of retaliation. 
My mom is doing better she transferred to rehab on Friday. Thanks for the prayers!
My mom is in the hospital and she is quite ill with a Crohn's flare.  Please pray for her and also for my sister who is managing her care and trying to care for her own patients in between.  I wish I could be there.


I shopped at Costco then pulled into the gas station and set up the auto fill mechanism.  While the gas was pumping I opened the back of my van and opened the ciabatta rolls I had just bought, ripped one open and then busted into the rotisserie chicken with my fingers and made a sandwich.  I had two bites down and quite a stare from an onlooker before the gas valve shut off!