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Allan made a real effort to look like he made my birthday cake! But the one he bought was delicious so who cares?!



Aunt Lee & Uncle Nancy


Bloom Tea

Ooh! I got a sample of Adagio bloom tea in the mail today. The steam was interfering with my camera but I got these pictures.

Merry Christmas

I've saved the boys' Ellington colored sports shirts over the years and had a quilt made for Allan. He liked it!  The boys are playing with their new gifts and we are laying around waiting to cook up the prime rib later. Yum. It's so good to be home. 
Merry Christmas to all!


I'm in Minot with my mom. She tried to die on us. She was in the ICU at death's door but she's a fighter and she came back around and is now back at rehab.


He had a good day! And he was presented with this:
Grr the blog didn't publish this on 12/1 as intended.

Oh Christmas Tree


Wow Weekend

We had a busy weekend. It started with David and Alex at baseball tryouts on Saturday morning followed by Tom's birthday party. Four of his friends came for a Star Wars themed party with gingerbread house decorating, games, pizza and cake. 
Then we marched with the Cub Scouts in the town torchlight parade and topped off the evening watching a production of A Charlie Brown Christmas at the high school. 
Today after Sunday School the boys got haircuts and I ran a Santa 5K and Alex had his first team practice for the Dream Bat Bombers team. We picked out our tree and watched Frosty the Snowman.