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I inherited my mom's dishes! I registered for Fiestaware for our wedding and the all black set has seen us through many meals. My mom recently got the bug and started her collection with a mix of cool colors including black. Allan took them to a pack and ship place and after paying a hefty fee they made their way to my cupboard. 

Iced Tea

I learned how to make the best iced tea! I take a bottle and put two Lipton like (okay it's Aldi classic blend) tea bags in 13.5 oz cold water and put it in the fridge for 6-8 hours. The tea is smooth and not at all bitter. It also works with loose tea. Use whatever you have but try it!


We made caramels for my mom's funeral. It was her prized recipe-the only one she would not share. She entrusted it to me and I told her I would share it when she died and she thought that was a good idea. We printed it in her handwriting on the funeral folders. 
Making them was a fun activity. And I know even though it was her famous recipe they weren't as good as hers! 

Not pictured: me (I stirred that stuff for an hour! And David who wrapped them best. )

Funeral Sermon

Pastor Emily Nesdahl's sermon:

Brothers and sisters in Christ, grace and peace to you from God our Father and from our living Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen. Kathy was such a dear, wonderful woman. Beloved by so many. There were so many things that people loved about her. She was a great friend. She had quite a few longtime, good friends. She shared stories about Halloween celebrations that you all had together. She cherished those friendships. When she moved to Burlington, really not that long ago, after Jim died, she quickly made friends in the community, sharing her love of cooking and hospitality with them, and although relatively new, she treasured these friendships. And her cooking. Who here has had the pleasure of eating Kathy’s cooking? My word, she was a great cook. And she used that love and that gift to teach others. I swear, at least once a week I use my “From Kathy’s Kitchen” cookbook. It is quickly getting worn and tattered in my kitchen from so much use. Kathy showed her lo…


He's pretty proud of the Castle!

Medal Rack

Look what Allan got me for Christmas!

New Balance Wear Test

I'm a wear tester for New Balance. This is my third pair and I'm excited to put some miles on these babies. Sadly I have to send them back so they can evaluate the wear. 

Portrait of a Lady in a Green Scarf