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The Reader

This is how David gets off the bus.

Opening Day

Saturday was opening day for Little League.  Tom had a game in the morning and got a nice hit.  And David got two hits and a couple nice plays at shortstop at his game.  Alex umped in between and earned an impressive $25 for home plate service and don't forget the free hot dog and soda.  The bases ump only gets $15 plus food.

Allan got a new car and we parked the old one at the ball park to advertise it for sale and fortunately it survived without any new baseball dents.  
The dogs are getting along famously:


David and I spent the weekend at a church camp retreat in the white mountains of NH. We had an exhausting but fun time. We hiked, created a natural mandala on the beach and played games and sang songs.  And since Sunday was Good Shepard Sunday we witnessed the blessing of a baby lamb.  

No Training Wheels!

He and David took one training wheel off yesterday and didn't tell me. I took the other off and away he went!




The Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet featured this snake named Percy!  Eeeeekkk!!!


Twice this week I've made great meals out of something that I would have normally thrown away.  I had a turkey carcass in the freezer from February so I put it in the crock pot with boiling water and simmered it all day. There was very little meat in the stock but it didn't seem to matter when I added fat Swabian egg noodles and served it for supper. They all loved it.  
Early this morning I pulled out the Easter ham bone from the freezer and did the same thing with the crock pot but added a bag of pinto beans. The beans are delicious and I can't wait to make burritos out of them for dinner. 
I will have to remember to save bones in the future! The nice thing about the freezer is when you have so much leftover meat you can't foresee needing the piddly old bones you can freeze them and resurrect them weeks later for a delicious dinner.