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Culinary Arts

Alex's computer programming course was canceled at the last minute so he opted to take Culinary Arts.  This morning he chastised me for slicing a lime the wrong way and I told him to have at it.  Tom the early riser got a treat!


For David!
*Oops this is David catching.  He did get a hit that game according to my scouts.


Here's Alex and his best friend finally on the same team after 7 years. Yesterday Alex pitched and Sam caught.  Yesterday ended in a tie. Today they won!
David starts fall baseball soon too and Tom will be playing soccer. I have a half marathon next weekend and Allan has been running more regularly as well.

Six Years' Growth


First Day

Alex is in tenth grade returning to the high school.  David is in fifth which is now at the same elementary school and Tom is in third grade. I think David would have preferred going to the intermediate school like Alex did but it's nice having two at the same school.