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We are all thankful for each other this year.  With the loss of my mom in January I'm trying really hard to keep my focus on the family that's left.

We had dinner for five this year so I wanted to keep it simple.  Everyone listed their must have and everyone helped make something.  Allan did the turkey:
We didn't spatchcock this year but we are not leaving that technique out of our toolbox since it worked well last year.  This year he seared it in a 500 degree oven and turned the bird.  It was delicious!

Alex made the mashed potatoes and opened the cranberry sauce cans:
He was also responsible for eating at least three pounds of those potatoes.  He's almost six one and he sure does eat like it.
David made the pineapple stuffing and it turned out great.  That was gone by yesterday's lunch and he made a full batch.  Tom helped with the pumpkin pie.  We used a store bought crust and he poured the filling into the shell and then spread the whipped cream.  And like ma…


He carried this limb a half a mile!

Scissorbill: David Naming the President-Elect


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