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Holiday Concert

We were treated to a beginner band holiday concert last night!

Ugly Sweater Party

We had a crowd of 20 for our Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday evening.  I failed to take many pictures  it would have been nice to have a family picture of us in our sweaters but to be honest I was too busy having fun.  I'm not a natural photographer!

This is a picture of me in my 'fruitcake' sweater waiting for the Ugly Sweater Run to start.  It was nice to get two uses out of that sweater. 
Here's Allan looking great in his ugly  sweater.  You can't tell by looking but he had spent hours cleaning the house both the weekend before and the day of the party.  It looks great. 


I can't believe it has taken me three children turning eight to realize that two doughnuts on a plate make the number eight.  Happy birthday, Tom!