Day On/Day Off

I had Tuesday off.  I got so much done!
6:30 Made lunches (4) ate breakfast, let dogs out, started laundry
7:00 Woke David and Tom and chased them around to make sure they got ready in time
7:45 Dropped Tom off at running club, circled back to make sure David got on the bus, rebooted laundry
8:00 Paid bills, balanced checkbook, made doctor's appointment, folded first load
9:00 ran 3 miles and walked an extra one so I can look good in the fitbit weekly challenge
10:00 folded second load of laundry, got out the ladder and dusted the ledge above our front door, dusted the living room and office area, vacuumed, folded third load of laundry, walked dogs
2:00 grocery store, bank, washed and cut fruit for running club party
3:30 Rocky's Running Club end of year celebration with Tom
5:00 dinner prep
5:30 picked Alex up at school, dinner, folded fourth load of laundry
6:15 went to beginner band concert
8:30 put boys to bed and walked a couple of laps around the neighborhood so Allan could hit his step goal

I worked a second three hour evening shift yesterday to train a new nurse so I'm not counting that so here's today
6:30 Made lunches (5), ate breakfast, let dogs out
7:00 Woke up David and Tom and got myself ready for work
7:45 Picked up the house and did the dishes so I wouldn't have to come home to a mess
8:15-3:45 Work including 30 min total commute
4:00-4:45 Wasted time.  Too tired to cook.
4:45 took David to his baseball game.
5:00 Home and still too tired to cook.  Allan heated up a serving of lentils and promised Tom a hot dog at the baseball game.  I went to pick Alex up and then made us milkshakes for dinner.
6:00 Finally got some motivation and took the dogs for a walk.
7:30 Decided to blog the difference between a day on and a day off :)
As soon as Allan, David and Tom get home I'll hustle the boys off to bed and then Allan and I will walk and probably have a beer.

I was thinking of starting a non crazy commune.  Ten families.  Two stay at home parents dedicated to child watching and driving.  One cook.  One housecleaner. One landscaper.  One handyman/vehicle maintainer.  One adult could be on disability.  One could be the banker/CFO/leader.  That would leave 12 adults to work full time and support the group.  Sign me up for full time work and let the cook know that I like Asian food and the cleaner know that I like to come home to a clean house!


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