I can't believe it's June.  I spent Memorial Day weekend in Minneapolis with my sister.  We had so much fun.  We walked 15 miles on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.  We went on a food tour, had a drink at the famous Guthrie theatre and walked through Minehaha park and saw the waterfall.  We also snuck cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory in our purses and ate it during a movie.  I also had my first Uber experience and it was great.  I really enjoyed hanging out with Allison and we plan to go again next year.

Alex is done with high school ball and already practicing with his summer league.  There are several tournaments all over New England to look forward to.

David is finishing up little league and looking forward to summer Boy Scout camp where he'll spend a week away and then a two week band day camp here in town.

Tom's soccer is over and he is looking forward to a summer of sleeping in, eating lots of meat, and reading Big Nate books.

Allan took the boys to see the Guardians of the Galaxy movie while I was away and bought them candy.  I was surprised at the candy!

Digger doesn't know it yet but he's going to get neutered this summer. Bailey got a corn cob out of the trash and made herself sick.  We now have a landscaping brick on top of the trash can to keep her out.

I'm selling my candles at the farmer's market tomorrow.  My new job is going well and I really enjoy having evenings off.


LBJ11 said…
We just took Nathan to see "Captain Underpants!" He laughed through the whole thing. I'll admit to laughing once and awhile!

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