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Bubble Run

Dave, Tom, and I ran the Bubble Run yesterday.  It was a 5K with four colored bubble stations.  It was a blast.

Clear the Roads

Alex has  his learner's permit!  He passed the written test and now he can drive with a parent in the vehicle.  The look on his face at the DMV is priceless.  It says, "Mom, I can't believe you are taking my picture here!"  He did a couple of circles around the parking lot with me yesterday.  It was enough for me to conclude that Allan will be his primary instructor.  Yikes.


I'm making kombucha in my closet.  It's a fermented tea that needs a culture, black tea, sugar, warm temperature and 7-10 days to make.  There are various health claims about this ancient beverage but I just like the taste.  It's sour and carbonated which is great for a former soda addict.  The yeast and bacteria consume most of the sugar and caffeine so it can be enjoyed by all. You can buy it in many grocery stores and even Walgreens near me but it's crazy expensive $3-4 per bottle and if you know me you know I've figured out how much the homemade version costs.  It's just 7 cents per bottle and each time you brew you double your starter so you can share with a friend.  I can't wait until mine is ready.


We bought this waterslide for Alex's 8th birthday party.  If we'd have known at the time we'd still be using it eight years later I would have been thrilled.  I've been down that thing a time or two myself it's fun.

Elizabeth Park

David and Tom and I went to Elizabeth Park in West Hartford for a picnic after church today.  It's so beautiful.  Allan and Alex went to Keene, NH for a baseball tournament.