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We had a busy July! Alex and David both played baseball.  Unfortunately for Alex he hurt his elbow pitching and had an MRI that shows damage to his UCL and growth plate, this is the famous Tommy John ligament, so he's out for two months at a minimum.  David is doing well in the summer league with Allan as one of the coaches.

David spent his first (almost a full) week away from home at Boy Scout Camp.  He had a great time.  He wasn't so sure about going so Allan and I made a deal with him that we'd visit him on Tuesday after two nights to make sure he was having fun (and he'd be allowed to come home with us no questions asked) and when we followed through he wanted to stay.  That was a real risk but it worked out for everyone involved! On family night he was grinning like a cheshire cat as he told us of all the fun things he got to do.  It was not right around here without him.

Alex volunteered at bible school and Tom attended his last year as a child remaining at the…