We had a busy July! Alex and David both played baseball.  Unfortunately for Alex he hurt his elbow pitching and had an MRI that shows damage to his UCL and growth plate, this is the famous Tommy John ligament, so he's out for two months at a minimum.  David is doing well in the summer league with Allan as one of the coaches.

David spent his first (almost a full) week away from home at Boy Scout Camp.  He had a great time.  He wasn't so sure about going so Allan and I made a deal with him that we'd visit him on Tuesday after two nights to make sure he was having fun (and he'd be allowed to come home with us no questions asked) and when we followed through he wanted to stay.  That was a real risk but it worked out for everyone involved! On family night he was grinning like a cheshire cat as he told us of all the fun things he got to do.  It was not right around here without him.

Alex volunteered at bible school and Tom attended his last year as a child remaining at the church and going from station to station.  Next year he'll be old enough to travel around doing service projects.  David had band camp the same week and the week following so he had to miss VBS and it was my first year not volunteering because I was trying to work in between.  I'd drop David off then Alex and Tom then work for an hour or so then pick David up then wait for Alex and Tom to finish then bring them home then go back to work.  It was exhausting.

Alex is doing well learning to drive.  He'll have more time to practice without baseball.  He also applied for a job at Subway.  I really hope I can soon say I'm the mother of a sandwich artist. 

Tom has been reading a lot this summer.  He and his brothers are enjoying playing board games, especially Exploding Kittens.  He is collecting NERF guns and really benefitting from Alex's quest to sell toys and earn money for a car.  Tom plays Dragon City on his Kindle every chance he gets (that would be the two hours a day we allow for screen time.)  And of all of us Tom is the one who is looking forward to our upcoming vacation in Ocean City the most.   Which is not to say that the rest of us are not counting down the minutes.  We are!

I took a class in the Boston area the last day of July and the first two days of August.  It's been a long time since I've been a student and the MDS information I learned is almost like learning a foreign language but I'm proud to say I passed my test.  The two nights in a hotel were quiet and very odd.  On the way to my class I stopped for gas in Ayer, MA and had to swing by our first house.  I took this picture of the garden bed that Allan built for me.  I was so pleased to see that the current owners are using it.  According to Zillow they are the same people that bought the house from us.  If you zoom in you can see a red pepper.  You can't say that Allan doesn't build things to last, that bed was put in at least 13 years ago.  

We had Digger neutered this month.  He's already forgiven us!

Tom has empathy for his canine companion.


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